Toshiba Satellite C50D-138, black laptop with AMD


If you want a new PC for school than I would recommend you to go with Toshiba Satellite C50D-138. It is for someone in search for a simple notebook for games, web surfing and watching games. The business sector will appreciate at this model the fact that it has a numeric keypad on the right so that you can input numbers faster.

It has a very awesome price (see special price & best deal here). If you’re interested in a model with Intel processor than you could go with the Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A-1E0 a model from the professional series.

Toshiba Satellite C50D 138, black laptop with AMDView here more images, technical specifications and info of this device

The design is a simple one, being a black laptop with complete keyboard and with a 15.6 inch screen. The specs include a 1366×768 pixel resolution, E1-2100 processor from AMD, Radeon HD 8210 graphics and 2GB of RAM. The operating system is Windows 8.1 and this means that you have the best user experience when using Windows. If you do not like the OS from Microsoft than you can install another one because the PC comes with a DVD optical drive. A good OS alternative could be Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon. On the storage part, the hard drive is a big one having a 500GB capacity so that you can store many files on it.

The things that many will appreciate at this model are the good build quality, the not so big price and the battery life (about 3-4 hours… depending on what you do on the PC). Those are the pros and on the cons side you might say that you don’t like that the notebook has only 2GB of RAM, but Linux Mint consumes only 300-400MB. Toshiba Satellite C50D 138, black laptop with AMD So, if you want to enjoy the best experience on this laptop than you should stay with WIndows 8.1 or get Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon on this¬†Satellite C50D-A-138.

There are many laptop in this pricerange, but I like this one because of the design and of the build quality. You wont find a better laptop in this pricerange and the hardware is the newest available on the market. If you’re interested in how it looks like than I would recommend you to watch the preview from below so that you can make yourself a better impression about it.

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