Kocaso MID M9100, 9 inch tablet


Kocaso MID M9100 is a new device with good hardware that includes a Cortext A8 processor, 512MB of RAM and Android 4 installed on it. On some sites is said that this device has AMD processor, but his is an error. The internal memory it 8GB and the usable capacity is 6GB, so that that you can store many files on it. (The rest of 2GB are used by the Android OS and the default apps.)

This gadget has a very awesome price (see special price & best deal here) and if the memory is not enough for you than you should buy a Micro SD card, this device supporting up to 32GB. This device comes as an alternative to M9000, being an update with some better specs but with the same design.

Kocaso MID M9100, 9 inch tabletView here more images, technical specifications and info of this device

The specs are decent, and as said on the online shops the specs are written wrong. The processor is a single core one and the 9 inch screen has a 800×480 pixel resolution that is more than enough for simple games. Because the Operating System is Android 4.0 you can access video content sites like YouTube because of the Flash player support. Because of the USB port you can connect a 3G dongle to it to enjoy Internet access even there were no wi-fi is able. You should know that wi-fi Internet is better because it is free.

The pros of this device are the small price, the good performance and the portability. You will not find too many devices with a price near 50 pounds that have a battery that lasts about 5-6 hours. The cons might be the fact that the Android version is not newer and that the screen does not have a bigger resolution.

If you’re a student or for some reason you have a tight budget for a new tablet than a device like this would be my recommendation. The price is very small for what it can do and the usage is very easy. How it looks like and how it can be used can be better seen from the preview below.

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Michelle Johnson

Thank you for your review. You gave me piece of mind. I ordered this for my daughter for Christmas and read reviews and was worried I made a bad purchase. Now after watching your video I know she will love it!


this review sounds much better than the reviews where you purchased your tablet. seems like you just purchased the tablet when you wrote this review. customers stated that it did not function as well any more within a month of usage. what is your experience now?


I received my Kocaso on December 29, 2013. Today is 1/13/14. When I first got it, it worked great. Today is 1/13/14 and I went to turn it on and it didn’t come on at all. I wished that I had researched this product before I bought. Cheap isn’t always good.

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