HP Pavilion G7-2302SA, 17.3 inch desktop replacement


HP Pavilion G7-2302SA is a 17.3 inch notebook good for those who like to watch movies on the laptop. Even the laptop is big, the portability is not affected because the battery lasts 3-4 hours and the weight is about 3 kg. So, it comes a very awesome price (see special price & best deal here) that is very good in my opinion for a laptop that has a i5-3230M chip, 6GB of RAM and a 1 terra hard drive.


It’s a model complete on black and you can see that on the right it has a numeric keypad that will help you input numbers for passwords and other purposes. On the right is a Windows 8 logo because the laptop has this OS on it. From the second picture you can see that the touchpad is a normal one.

HP Pavilion G7 2302SA, 17.3 inch desktop replacementView here more images, technical specifications and info of this device

It comes with a i5-3230M processor from the 3rd i5 generation named IvyBridge and with a GPU named Intel HD. Because of this and the screen resolution (1600×900) you can see 720p and 1080p movies with 0 problems… if you use a good program like VLC. Gaming is possible on this PC, but you must remember that it’s not a gaming one. The OS is the latest version from MS – Win 8, and you can use it very easy because it has a interface named Metro that has the latest used and you favourite apps.

The only con is that it has no memory for the graphics card. The pros are a lot, starting with the OS to the top hardware represented by the i5 chip and the big HDD. The battery lasts about 4 hours and because of this big lifetime you can take the laptop with you in the park. Because of the fact that the laptop has 6 GB of RAM memory, you don’t have to add more in a near future.

if you don’t play many games and want a laptop for movies, Internet browsing and listening to music than this G7-2302SA model would be a great choice that I thin it could replace a desktop. How it looks like you can see from the clip below that is a good preview.

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