HP 3610EA Slate, 10-inch HD tablet


HP 3610EA Slate is the 10-inch version with red back and there are even silver models. There are even 7-inch models with similar specs but the larger one are better for browsing the web and other stuff. I prefer larger devices because I use them at home and I don’t travel a lot. I would use a stand for it when I read or write and email because I have both hands free and it is more comfortable. This is a mid-range tablet because of the specs and the design is simple.

It is much cheaper than a premium tablet or a laptop, but it is more a multimedia device than an office device. Large tablets can be carried easily so you need a bag and such accessory isn’t cheap. It has a very awesome price (see special price & best deal here) and a good discount.

HP 3610EA Slate, 10 inch HD tabletView here more images, technical specifications and info of this device

The Dual-Core 1.2GHz processor is great because the OS is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, so everything will move smooth. It can handle almost any game because some games need a Quad Core processor and a better GPU. The 1GB RAM is enough even for present programs and you can multitask if you want. The usable storage is less than 16GB because the OS and programs are installed on it. The Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS is one of the best choices you can make because it moves decent even if the specs aren’t high-end ones. It is a 3G Ready tablet so you can connect an external 3G modem or you can try the WiFi-hotspot function of your smartphone.

The 10 inch screen has a HD resolution that is decent. It features even a bluetooth technology, so you can transfer files with it or connect a wireless keyboard if you want. Of course, you can even other peripherals if you need them.

Sound quality is great with the Beats Audio. HP 3610EA Slate offers a decent battery life especially because it is offered by a well known manufacturer and it is over average. It is a reliable model that is offers by a well known manufacturer and if you are interested in its design, I posted a clip below:

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