Fusion5 Xtra Compact, 10.1 inch tablet

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If you looked around the web than you saw that Fusion5 Xtra Compact is a lite version of Xtra v3 and because of that it’s much cheaper. Don’t understand me wrong because still it’s a very good tablet with dual core processor, Android 4.2 and 16GB of internal space.

It has a very awesome price (see special price & best deal here) and a good discount. You should know that it has no 3G support but still you can add a 3G dongle (like Huawei E353) so that you can access the Internet.

Fusion5 Xtra Compact, 10.1 inch tabletView here more images, technical specifications and info of this device

The aspect is like the one of the bigger brother (Xtra v3) and I must say that I like it. On the front it’s black and on the back it’s white. You can’t see from the picture below, but it has two cameras: one on the front that is a webcam and another on the back that can be used to take pictures.

This device comes with a dual core processor model ARM Cortex A7 and with a Mali 400 graphics card. The RAM memory is 1GB and the internal one is 14GB (the rest from 16 is used by Android and the default apps). The screen is a 10.1 inch one with 1024×600 pixel resolution and this means that you can see HD movies without problems. The most important ports that this tablet has are the USB and the HDMI. With those you can connect different devices to it.

Pros and cons

I like at it the fact that it’s very cheap, good looking and the performance is good. The battery life is decent because it lasts about 5 hours… depending on what you do with the tablet. The usage is very simple because the screen is a touch one and so you can make it a gift to those who have nothing to do with the IT stuff.

I don’t like at it that it has only 14GB usable space and because of that you need to buy a SanDisk microSDHC Ultra 16GB MicroSD card.


There are even quad core tablets on the market but if you’re looking for a device to play games and surf the web than you don’t need more than this tablet.

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