Finlux 32H6072-D, 32” LED TV with HD 720p and Freeview support


Finlux 32H6072-D is a Finlux 32 inch LED TV that supports HD 720p and Freeview, and it has a Slim Bezel. Another good thing at it is the USB PVR and that it has 2 HDMI ports. I would recommend a TV like this to someone who wants to see TV shows at the best quality possible.

It has a very awesome price (see special price & best deal here) and a good discount. Because it’s not a smart TV you can use a Justop K10A Android media player to surf the web, enjoy web content and other things.

Finlux 32H6072 D, 32 LED TV with HD 720p and Freeview supportView here more images, technical specifications and info of this device

As you can see it has a big 32 inch screen and if you live in a small apartment than it would be better to go with an 22F6050-D model because it has a 22 inch screen. As said in the beginning, the frame is a very slim one and this is nice.

It’s not a Full HD, but I think that the HD Ready screen is more than enough. This is so because from the distance you don’t feel the difference from HD to Full HD. Because of the VGA port you can connect a PC to it to see movies or other things you want to see. Because of the big screen you should know that it can be mounted on a wall via an 32 inch wall mount.

Pros: a 5.0 out of 5 stars rating from buyers; the very small price; the very good image quality; it can be used for games, even the refresh rate is 50Hz; it’s easy to use because of the simple menus.
Cons: it’s not a TV with Smart software but you can transform it into one with a media player like the Justop K10A.

This is a very good TV for watching movies from computer or TV Shows from Freeview television (it has DVB-T tuner) and I recommend it.
If you’re interested in the image quality, than from the below clip you can see more. First, I must inform you that in the clip below is an 32H7072-DT model (a good 3D TV from Finlux than now it is not anymore available for sale). Enjoy!

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Really thorough, informative and sensible review.
Keep up the good work


But 1 criticism: ‘best deal’ link goes to Amazon @ £269.99
Finlux Direct currently is £189.99


Hello and thanks for the feedback. But, on the site Finlux Direct the product is not available – “This product is not available to view”.
And, if you did not know, on Amazon UK the TV is sold by Finlux Direct.


I just bought one of these off Amazon for £175 .it arrived today 21/02/14 and is up and running .Love it .


Hi, whats the TV like for gaming ? thinking of getting one for the PS4, whats the input lag like and motion blur ?

Sarah cuddy

Really appreciate your information could you please advise what wall mount is suitable for this tele.

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